A deeper Intro to Yin Yoga

Props: the wall

Time: 51:15

Description: Yin Yoga - This class is more of an Introduction to Yin.  In Yin Yoga you might only practice 5 or 6 postures the whole class.  In this series we are going to use a wall for our practice.  If at any point there is pain, or pulling, or a sense of protection, you'll want to move to make the pose more comfortable. This practice is about increasing comfort in life, feeling good in the body, resting, and being centered.  Increasing our tolerance for stillness.  So take your time, learn the edges in the body where we first feel a stretch, and practice feeling into those boundaries without pushing past them.  In a way on the mat, when we practice not pushing past our boundaries, off the mat, may we also notice ourselves respecting our boundaries and listening to the wisdom of our body more and more.  

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