Exploring Prep for Yogi Squat - Malasana

The Intention is Letting Go and Receiving Nourishment

Today's class is more of a workshop style class looking at Yogi Squat - Malasana - Mala means garland - like a necklace, the pose is said to be like the body is "hanging from the neck". While this pose is the inspiration for the class we aren't working directly with the posture as much as moving through a series of strengthening and stretching exercises for the hips, core and ankles to support this pose.  The class is a little longer - an hour and twenty six minutes.  And we use a chair, two blankets and blocks.  (substitute props with what you have at home)

Throughout the class I talk about connecting to innocence, nourishment, and letting go.  Learning to squat is a primal movement and its in our innate physical wisdom as when we are infants we learn to squat as a part of walking.  

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Other Videos