Everything in my life is Meant to Be, Because it Is

1 hour 8 minutes

no props

For creating this weeks class, I was meditating on things that would be helpful to hear. Especially, meditating on grace and loving kindness. I reflected on that a lot.The class theme is about creating an experience around the phrase, "everything in my life is important, and meant to be, because it is, I do want to be present and choose this moment". When we are telling ourselves we don't want to do something, or we want to be somewhere else, apart of us isn't present. I know for me when I don't want to do dishes, I end up breaking a dish. I'm clumsy. In reflection on grace and kindness. We move more gracefully, when we take action, and move from the present moment.We start class with this reflection, and through out class we move to clear the energy around it, and lift our selves up, so hopefully by the end you feel more present, clear, graceful and a sense of kindness to yourself.