Qi Gong for Busy People - Introduction Class

Qi Gong can help you improve your life on all levels. This video is the introduction to Johns 12 week program. Participants learn to apply the philosophical underpinnings of: living in the present; experiencing love; expressing gratitude, accepting one's power to heal, and realizing that all is well daily. What can be wrong with that!
Om Prakash's unique addition to Four Minute Fitness is an inspirational explanation of how one can apply the very same principles to achieving one's goals and improving one's life-work.

If you are very busy; if you don't have a lot of time for a long workout; if you are not healthy enough for a full workout program right now, or you just need something that you can do fast that is more effective, the Four Minute Fitness Chi-Kung is for you. Beginning the day doing the Four Minute Fitness workout: doing the stretching, strengthening the muscles, breathing deeply and using the words and visualization that heal and empower us, will make every day more refreshing and vibrant for you.

Four Minute Fitness is excellent for Teachers, Laborers, Office Workers, Drivers and people with high powered jobs that require a lot of travel or movement, and people with jobs that require very little movement. It is good for everyone. The best thing about Four Minute Fitness is that you can do it as many times as you like during the day.