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Tapping on acupressure points helps calm the nervous system and our thoughts.  It allows us a process for feeling a sense of release, shifting our negative mind, deepening meditation skills, and improving our ability to focus on our goals.  I have seen it help improve relationships, reduce stress patterns around pain conditions, headaches, and improve self esteem.  Learn the basics, the tapping points and experience a tapping meditation to calm the mind.  When you join this free program you'll receive 2 hours and 45 minutes of content thats meant to give you an experience of EFT Tapping.  To get the most out of the class:

Week 1) Introduction to EFT Tapping - Practice the points until you are familiar with them and learn unique ways it can help us be more empowered around our thoughts and feelings.

Week 2) Storytelling with EFT Tapping - Learn how you can apply the tapping points to resolving stuck energy from the stories of our life.  There is something in EFT called borrowing benefits.  When you tap on one thing and you find something else in your life improved.

Week 3) How EFT Tapping can clear blocks to Meditation - for those that have a meditation practice or feel blocked to meditation, and find that at a certain point they feel stuck, tapping can be really helpful. For example someone sits to meditate and immediately thinks about other things they want to do. They use the tapping points to calm the mind and body while focusing on the desire to be busy until they feel calmer. Then they tap on their ability to be calm, relaxed and focused.  A borrowing benefit in this case might be an increased sense of confidence because now the person is more calm whether they are busy or relaxed.

To schedule a 15 minute call with the teacher to review or ask questions and learn more about how tapping can help you.

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Jen Merritt
Jen Merritt