EFT Tapping and Meditation Healing Group

Jen Merritt
Gentle Yoga, Tapping, Ene..
  • Thu May 12, 2022
  • 12:00 PM (90 mins)
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This class is about creating the life we want through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Meditation and the exercises presented in the book "The Artist Way"  The exercises in the book uncover blocks and explore our potential.  We are all creative beings, creating our life.

Each week will start with those that want to share intentions and creative goals and receive encouragement and support. 

As a group we will pick a topic for that class.  Some topics include:

- Meet your inner artist

- Clearing core negative beliefs around being creative

- Not just finding time, but finding the energy to create

- Opening up to Synchronicity

- Strength to say no to "crazy makers"

- When to embrace and when to let go of perfectionism

- Open to the possibilities: cultivating a sense of abundance

The Artist way is book that offers tools for you to self-guide and unclog one’s mental and emotional channels of all the muck that gets in the way of being happy, productive, and creative.  It encourages daily journal and written exercises to help you discover hidden interests and talents you never knew you had! 

Each class will start with discussion and sharing about where we are at along the path of the program and what our creative goals are.