Serene Stretching Machine

Asheley; Love
Asheley; Love

Oh yea! I know you either have been working all day at you desk on zoom calls and now that the day is over all you want to do is rest
The last thing you want to do is stretch! Lol well, your body and mind is craving it!

With the stretch class we will ease you and your body into unwinding releasing tension from biting your tongue and hunching your all day and hunching your shoulders all day!

This also helps release those tight hips and hamstrings, because let’s face it, those frequent trips to the refrigerator does not count as exercise! Lol

Even if you have been working out before or after you start your day this class is great for you. The rule of thumb I learned was that for every hour of working out you need an hour of stretching! Lol but who actually does it ??

I’ve been a massage therapist for over 14 years and my fav tidbit I’ll leave you with is that muscles start to release at 10 seconds! Just starts! So, we’ll get through this together the entire hour. Every week meet me here on your mat, the floor or in your yard, to stretch out and unwind your body’s muscles!


Luna Love

What Will You Learn
  • Learn Muscle Groups
  • What stretches are helpful to the muscles
  • Body awareness and preventing injury while stretching
$47 / 1 Month
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Asheley; Love
Asheley; Love
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